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A grant from the Seafarers will allow two doctors to specialise.

Published 30th September 2015, 4:1pm

Two Caymanian doctors seeking to complete medical specialisations will benefit from a grant of $240,000 over the next four years, donated by the Seafarers’ Association.
Association President Ivan Farrington presented the first cheque for $60,000 to the Health Services Authority on Monday 21st September 2015 at the Seafarers’ Hall in Red Bay.
Health Services Authority (HSA) Chief Executive Officer Lizzette Yearwood thanked the association for its significant continuing contributions to local health care.
Ms Yearwood added that the HSA would immediately form a search committee to seek and process applications from suitable candidates.
At least 14 qualified Caymanian doctors have returned to the Cayman Islands within the last two years.
Chief Medical Officer (Atg) Elizabeth McLaughlin further noted that it was increasingly the norm within the Cayman Islands and abroad to require doctors to specialise. 
Premier Alden McLaughlin, Education Minister Tara Rivers and Finance Minister Marco Archer were also present for the brief handover.
It was Mr Archer who suggested the donation to the Seamen—after it was determined that budgetary constraints prevented the Government from providing funding in the present financial year.
The minister also confirmed that Government would provide funding for further specialists to train in the 2016/2017 financial year, along with funds being placed in the Cayman Islands Development Bank to allow doctors to apply for loans to assist with training.